For many years one of the main tools that interior designers have used has been knowing how to explain themselves through drawing. Along with the ability to put everything you imagine on paper.

The realization of drawings and models was a really striking way for the client, since it had a great power of seduction. However, the large amount of time invested must be taken into account to achieve realistic and irreversible results.

The new technologies that allow us to make plans and virtual images (renders) have become essential when it comes to making and capturing our work. Thanks to the renders we can achieve practically 100% realistic finishes.

Today and increasingly, using virtual reality for interior design, you can get images with a high level of realism that allow you to visualize a space. The textures, materials, lighting and decoration allow us to enhance this realism.

As you can imagine, virtual reality allows you to view and move through different spaces before they are built, but it also allows interactivity in real time with these spaces; picking up objects, opening doors, turning lights on and off etc.

Thanks to virtual reality we can live our future business on a real scale. Do you dare to live it with us?