How is our way of working and what steps do we follow?

The first step is to make a prior visit with the client to get to know us, teach our way of working and be able to visit the premises while we deliver the interior design budget.

Once the interior design budget is accepted, we go to the first meeting where we carry out a briefing that consists of making a preliminary report that provides us with the necessary information about the needs of your business and to know which audience you want to attract. We also make a presentation of references to know what style you want to reach and, finally, we measure the current state to be able to make the plans of the premises.

In the second meeting we present the distributions, practical and functional, taking into account the circulations, among other factors, in order to define a final. Always validated by the engineer, so that it complies with all regulations.

Arrival to the third visit, we make a presentation of plans of the materials, lighting, finishes and renders where we show how the premises would be virtually.

Once the proposal is validated, we deliver the project both virtually and on paper (plans, presentation, renders and video) and the presentation of the work budget. Also, as an option, we offer to be able to live the project on a real scale, through virtual reality.

When the work budget has been accepted, we carry out the planning with the work coordinator, the interior designer and with our team of architects and engineers, who carry the part of licenses, construction, electrical and acoustic projects. Finally, we manufacture all the furniture that is made to measure and we carry out the necessary commands to have everything ready to begin the reform.

Once the work was executed, the interior has just been decorated, reaching down to the last detail so that the space is unique and different, capturing the essence of the project.

With this article we hope to have clarified some doubts about our way of working in a nutshell and we encourage you to contact us to carry out your project!