There is a lot of work and dedication when it comes to make an interior design project.

First, we do a Breafing with the client to know the necessary information of their future business and what style of design fits best. At the same time, we take measurements of the current state of the premises.

We study possible distributions, always in contact with the engineer and following the regulations. We make an appointment with the client to present the best distribution, with commercial and functional needs.
From that moment on, we started to create the design through 3D and renders, which we taught to the client to finish finishing profiles.

At the same time, we make the choice of materials, lighting and finishes to start working with the budget of the work.

Finally, we deliver to the client the entire printed project, bound and digitally with a USB.
We present:

  • Distribution plans, machinery, materials, lighting, elevations and sections.
  • Renders and virtual tour in video format.
  • Presentation and memory of the project.

We also offer the possibility of living the project through Virtual Reality on a real scale.