A brand projects its image in the way it communicates, both to the public and to its members. The style, the formal coherence, the constancy in the relationships of a company define, finally, the personality, the corporate identity and the tone that make a company identifiable among its public.

Our brand has always been represented by the color red, a powerful and remarkable color, adjectives that are consistent with the personality and passion that characterize us, as a company, when it comes to doing the work we like to do.

Nou3 was founded on April 15, 1997 and the illusion of that day, after 3 years in Badalona, ​​10 years in Sabadell and 12 more years in Sant Quirze, remains the same.

Today we are birthday!!
We take advantage of the 25th anniversary to present you the makeover of nou3!! With the new logo printed on the t-shirts and on the vehicles, we are ready for the summer season.

Do you like the new corporate image? We are delighted with the result!

Design created by Eneutra.