Today we return to the design group, we introduce you to the other interior designers, Laia and Maria.


Laia is the youngest interior designer on our team. She is the person you will have the first contact with, since she is the one who will call you to learn a little about your project. Thanks to the sweetness with which she attends to you, she will be able to convey the message very well, thus making you want to know us.

She is an interior designer who is passionate about her work and that is why she makes her imagination fly in each project, so that they are as original and special as possible. During this process, she searches for different materials in each case, to create new finishes.

She also loves leaving the office to be able to talk to the client and experience the day-to-day life on the construction site, and ensure that the design that has been created is followed. In this way, she also manages to learn the finishes at a more technical level from the work manager.

She is a person who helps in many more tasks, such as creating social media content, serving suppliers to ask for prices, samples, orders, etc.

At the end of the play she will worry that she does not miss a single detail.


Maria, she is the person you will meet after talking to Laia. She will come to visit 0 to see the place, explain how we work and present the interior design budget. She is the interior designer in charge of the design department and the one who will accompany you throughout the process. The most veteran interior designer of the nou3 team.

She is an impeccable person with her work both on a technical and creative level. She takes care of organizing and monitoring all interior design projects, always with a smile from ear to ear.

She ensures that each client has a unique and personal treatment, so that they do not have to worry about anything other than enjoying the path that the transformation of their business implies, getting involved in all phases of the creative, technical and development process on the job.

She is also in charge of interior design budgets, web pages, social networks and the entire digitization issue such as Virtual Reality.

She is young, dynamic and enthusiastic about her work.


Ready to start the transformation of your premises?