Today we want to introduce you to two very important people within our team, both for their work and for their great experience. Lluís and Àlex.

Lluís, is the person in charge of project budgets. Once the interior designer explains the project, he prepares all the memory to be able to make the budget. He meets with each industrialist to explain and ask for a price.

When he has all the budget prepared, he meets with the client, together with the interior designer, to introduce him.

Despite doing numbers and serious work, he has a very special sense of humor, which from the first moment will make you laugh and have fun during the meeting.

When you meet him, you will live part of the essence of nou3.

Àlex, is the manager of the company, but even so, you can meet him at any time during your project. You may already meet him at visit 0 with Maria or later.

He likes to be present when the interior designers explain the layout to him, to contribute the granite of his experience.

Where he also brings a lot of experience is in the work, for that reason, he will often come to the weekly work visit with the construction manager and the interior designer.

And he not only participates in every process you see, he also takes care of invoices, work planning, etc. And above all to create a familiar and welcoming environment within the nou3 team.

Therefore, thanks to his personality and sense of humor, he creates the essence of nou3. You will also see that he loves his work and that is why he always wants the best possible result to be obtained and that the client lives it with the same enthusiasm as us.

In the next post you will continue to know more about our team …