Before starting with a work in a commercial space, it is very important to know where you want to go and what are the goals to be achieved.

When we embark on the adventure of renovating or opening a new commercial premise, a wide range of questions opens up for us to answer (where do we start? What is the best distribution? What finishes and materials are best suited for each use?, etc).

Therefore, we know the importance of hiring a professional in the sector, to have the peace of mind of the team’s experience and coordination of the whole process, saving time and money in unnecessary management and purchases. It is just as important to make a creative design and adapted to the activity of the place as, use high quality materials and get to the last detail of each finish to achieve a much more professional result.

We look for harmony between all the visual elements, the light, the colors, the finishes, the distributions and zonings of each space according to the environment that is wanted to create, etc. Thanks to specialized advice, taking into account the latest trends in construction, materials, finishes and decoration, taking into account the budget and needs.

If you want to open or reform a business without the burden of doing everything involved, do not hesitate to contact us and enjoy the process!